Our Story

Born in 2020, Nifty Tribes is a lifestyle shop committed to motivating customers to be bold through a distinctive combination of product and creativity.

We take our time to gather a well-curated collection of on-trend women’s fashion items from boho dresses, party garments, accessories, and bags, as well as hand-picked hair products we highly believe in and want to share with you.

Nifty Tribes is also introducing everything you need to decorate your living, apartment, or office, with an NT ‘No place like home’ collection that includes cushion cases, desk and wall unit ornaments, LED lamps, scented candles, and more.

Our designs never go out of fashion, and our inventory is made to last, so you can craft a look and keep it fresh for years to come. Our designs ensure you will own your distinctiveness and creativity. Every item forms part of a limited run, and once it is gone, it has gone for good.

We seek out timeless pieces that while they will stand the test of time, will always look great.